Ten Real-World Examples of How Semalt’s SEO Rocks for its Clients

With around 180 client responses and 24 cases, Semalt has an extensive track record in client growth. Today, we are going to be taking a deep dive into a few examples of this success. 

Each of these goes into niches of various competitiveness. All of them have success in common, resulting in meeting their overall SEO goals. The list of clients we will be going through includes the following:
We will be going into the details of each success below.

Increasing Traffic for a Franchise Retailing Business

At the time of this testimonial, their ranking for 13,000 keywords increased traffic by around 300 percent for nine months. The result came through the FullSEO platform, which is the advanced version of AutoSEO. Given the heavily competitive environment of franchising, PPC could have cost as much as $26 per click. 

The strategy allowed him to save money while providing some much-needed fixes to his website. These fixes included modifications to the robots.txt file and fixing of broken links. The process also involved the application of meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are something that people forget when it comes to SEO.

Finally, the keyword targeting allowed him to find himself in a more specific category. People who know what they are looking for want franchises of particular sizes. By being aware of this, Semalt focused the search onto particular industries. This strategy allowed them to rank higher in these industries, positioning them to be a leader there.

Increasing Traffic for a Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

With cooperation between the team at Semalt and the Iuventus Medical Center, they were able to see their growth spike by 260 percent.  Iuventus gained over 1000 keywords in the top ten list and saw their userbase grow by 900 per month over ten months.

Las Vegas is a significant location that has high competitiveness in many fields. As a result, it is best to rank for a combination of location-based factors and services. Their case states that they, at the time of the case, rank in the top-three in the following areas:
  • b12 shots las vegas
  • erectile dysfunction las vegas
  • PRP injections las vegas
  • Testosterone replacement therapy las vegas
They have also seen marked increases in traffic from Bing and Yahoo. They are also targeting the services in which they provide. This strategy amounts to a higher chance of the conversion of sales.

Increasing Traffic in a New Industry: Medical Tourism

SurgeryTR targets a different industry known as Medical Tourism. The company comes from Istanbul and Turkey, but its site focuses on the United Kingdom. As a result, they are a unique industry that needed to take off. 

They had a short-term goal of four months under FullSEO, making this one of the more challenging cases. Regardless, Semalt managed to help them rank for 14 keywords in the top ten. They also helped to have them rank for almost 180 keywords in the top 100. These statistics are associated with AutoSEO.

Eventually, they expanded to FullSEO, seeing their traffic grow by 1600+ increase in visits per month and 317 keywords in the top ten. Their website increased by 1400 %, a staggering figure for a new industry getting off the ground. The success was so great that the company decided to work towards a Spanish-speaking version of the same service. 

Increasing Traffic for an Established 30-year-old IT Specialist out of South Africa

Another unique situation that Semalt has had to come across was the improvement of the searchability of an already-successful business. With over thirty years in the industry, ASG had already established itself as a prominent leader in the industry. Regardless, Semalt was able to use local targeting to increase its traffic by almost 1000 visits per month.

Over seven months, the company has got into the top ten for over six thousand keywords. Regardless of them being IT professionals, their website still had several different sitemap fixes. The optimization resulted in a much faster site overall. 

Also, this required an aggressive approach. As a result of this approach, the keyword targeting increased traffic of 1.8 over one month. After the fixes, a sizeable link-building campaign resulted in the sharp increase of their ranked keywords. 

How Semalt Increased Traffic by 600 Percent For A Real Estate Company in Mexico

Bajaproperties.com is another domain that has been around for 20 years. This age brings with it some unique challenges and advantages. But an increase in visitors per month of over 4000 resulted in a pretty dramatic amount of success. The client, Jose Luis Escalante, who is also a webmaster, is quoted with how impressed he was over the results. 

The first step involved many site fixes. The list of these is below:
  • Fixing 301 redirects
  • Increased image optimization, improving load page
  • Implemented data markup
  • Adding meta tags 
  • Adding appropriate alt tags
The strategy included a direct approach to targeting specific keywords that worked for his industry. It resulted in 700+ keywords marking in the top ten of Google. The eventual result is leading to their organic traffic increase by 18 times where it once was. 

How Semalt Improved The Growth of a Life Insurance Company in the US

In the United States, insurance is one of the most competitive fields in the world. As a result, you have to stand out to get noticed. Final Expense Rate is a company that does this with an online, easy-to-use calculator. Semalt was happy to be selected to assist in its marketing. 

It is currently active, and to this day, we regularly add content to it to keep it running. The results of this effort have caused a 13-month SEO campaign to cause an increase of 3.7 times. The following keywords saw significant success:
  • Final Expense Rate calculator
  • Burial insurance quote online
  • Mutual of Omaha final expense rates
  • Kemper final expense rates
There are several different US-based companies that Mr. David Robles could have chosen. With this in mind, it is incredible that Semalt has continuously beaten out the other potential, local options. We certainly hope for more growth in the future for Final Expense Rate 

How Semalt Helped an eCommerce Shop Double Its Traffic Over Four Months

Faketa is a one-stop-shop for computer equipment, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and accessories. If you are a tech nerd, you probably know that several computer equipment stores fit the niche. So how did Semalt help double the traffic of this heavily competitive industry?

With the case of Faketa, the overall goal dealt with improving the domain authority of the company. As always, they worked to fix the pages and reduce redirections, improving page speed. This strategy has seen success with close cooperation between the Semalt and Faketa. 

Regardless of the big competition, Faketa saw their traffic double. They also are in the top three among keywords like “computer shop,” “pc store,” and “computer hardware store.” This saw success within a four-month period with an investment in FullSEO.

How Semalt Increased a Gaming Niche Site From 9 Thousand Visitors to 74 Thousand

Gamermarkt is one of the most staggering examples of growth on Semalt’s list. With an increase of over 700 percent of on-site traffic, the company saw significant growth in all areas. They specialize in a unique niche as a marketplace that sells online accounts.

They required a lot of backlinks to get this. Semalt did this by focusing on their primary four points of focus: 
  • League of Legends Accounts
  • Clash Royale Accounts
  • Clash of Clans Accounts
  • Steam Accounts
Gamermarkt already ranked for a few keywords in the low- to the medium-volume area. These were about fifty keywords at the time, which boosted to 2 thousand by the time Semalt finished. The project expanded with the addition of Fortnite accounts. The extra 70 thousand visitors have given them a great deal of growth, all within seven months.

Increasing Visitors of a Bulgarian Women’s Clothing Store to 14 Thousand in 14 Months

Semalt is a global company that works with people all over the world. We’ve had a few examples of this already from the UK to the US. Now we go into another unique territory, Bulgaria.

Inisess has a beautifully designed website that saw a growth of ten thousand to attribute to its local growth. The company has made statements on how it has given them a better position within the industry. Semalt “comfortable and easy” to work with according to a report from the company.

This comfort ranked the company for over 300 keywords in the top one, 1700+ keywords in the top ten, and 4000+ keywords in the top 100. The growth has allowed them to grow to other languages. Semalt is looking forward to this, turning into a long-term relationship.

How Semalt Can Increase Your Website to Rank in the Google Top

While it might seem a bit corny, our 10th person in this list has to be you. Given the global access that Semalt has, it is clear that they have the expertise and ability to bring you to your goals. Whether you are a citizen of the US, Turkey, Mexico, or Ukraine, Semalt would be happy to help you grow.

For further information, feel free to reach out to an SEO Specialist. You can try your first campaign at any level. 

AutoSEO is for those who want to test Semalt. It is offered at a lower price and includes a $1 trial. FullSEO is for those who are looking for advanced projects. It is known to grow traffic at an incredibly fast rate. Whatever your goals, Semalt would be happy to work with you.